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Bridging the Gap Between Business and Technology

Ledgewood’s full range of cash management services are designed to improve and give transparency to your organization’s operating cash flow. Through strategic management of your accounts, we can help you make your cash flow forecasting process more accurate and more useful for planning purposes.

Maintaining positive cash flow across a variety of accounts is critical for growth and the future solvency of your organization. Most organizations have multiple accounts in order to efficiently meet the financial obligations of a complex operation; inherent in that complexity, though, is the risk of missing opportunities to capitalize on cash that could be utilized for new ventures.

Beyond your cash flow forecast, Ledgewood’s mix of services can help you take advantage of those new opportunities. Through tools like cash pooling and concentration center design, surplus cash from different accounts can be combined to give your organization new financial freedom through greater liquidity.

Ledgewood’s cash management services are comprehensive and global in scope. In addition to designing your process and providing training, we perform a Global Best Practice GAP Analysis and help implement the solution. The improved liquidity and resultant reduced costs will further help your organization continue to grow.

Gaining more understanding of and having a greater control over your cash position is one of the easiest ways to prepare for the future. With the Ledgewood Advisory Group at your side, you’ll be in a better position than ever to guide your organization toward greater financial success.