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Bridging the Gap Between Business and Technology

All business ventures involve a certain amount of risk. To help you prepare for and mitigate that risk, Ledgewood offers a number of comprehensive risk management solutions. At its core, enterprise risk management involves identifying circumstances and obstacles that can potentially harm your ability to do business. Our experienced consultants are experts at determining those potentialities and finding solutions.

Ledgewood utilizes a variety of different tools to effectively gauge and address threats like credit risk, counterparty risk, operational risk, and financial risk. The resultant is improved Financial Risk Management with reduced foreign exchange risk, interest rate risk, and settlement risk. The improved controls and processes identified leads to greater Operational Risk Management.

Our advisors have decades of collective experience that includes dealings with multinational corporations and tier-one financial institutions. This breadth of knowledge allows us to design and implement a custom strategy that involves hedging, the drafting of trading policies, and training to help you detect relevant movements in currency and interest rates.

By incorporating an effective risk management strategy, your organization can move forward with greater confidence; knowledge of potential risks can help you spot and preemptively deal with problems. The Ledgewood Advisory Group is dedicated to providing these services so that you will be more prepared to thrive in the future.