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The Weight of Money

July 23, 2013 − by Keith − in Blog − Comments Off on The Weight of Money

If you were to ask someone how they handle the weight of their money, they would probably think in terms of how much a coin weighs, or even misinterpret what you said and think you asked them how they handle the weight of their bills. What you really mean is whether or not they know of a simple solution to handle the burden of things like risk management, cash flow forecasting, changes in the in-house bank, or any number of other issues that only people who work with a treasury department can understand. For you, the weight of money means vigorous reports that follow international financial reporting standards and force you to consider the adjustments you need to make to your cash flow analysis based on the current trends and the direction of inflation.

In fact, you are one of the few people who can be caught in the loop of knowing that your risk management does not just involve your own company, but may have an impact on inflation, itself, and will change everything, right down to the international financial reporting standards you have to follow. When you consider how the average person handles their finances, you sometimes might envy them in terms of the simplicity of their own cash flow analysis that can be done in under an hour. Your world simply does not work that way, and you need much more in-depth analysis to help you manage the way it does work. Ledgewood can help you in your quest to handle cash flow forecasting, risk management and other issues that are constantly plaguing international businesses.

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