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Training and Treasury Management

July 30, 2013 − by Keith − in Blog − Comments Off on Training and Treasury Management

Companies who are serious about their global cash management strategies are the same companies who scour the grad school and quality colleges for bright young professionals who have a fresh perspective that will serve the company well. The problem is that even the brightest financial professional may not be up to date on global cash management at the level you need and with the software you need to be using. Even with all their knowledge, a bit of risk management training as it applies to hi-end software would serve them well.

There is no such thing as generic training when it comes to global cash management systems. Your company has its own priorities and accounts that need to be handled with minimal risk. This is why we provide training for your treasury management team around your schedule with a focus on the things you are concerned about, rather than a template training program.

Our training addresses the specific needs that you point out so that no undue attention is given to areas that do not require further training. In your line of work, waste management includes critical time management. You would not invest in a treasury management program with robust real-time reporting if you were not serious about making every minute count. Whether you need new professionals trained in your existing treasury management program, or you need to revamp your current financial professionals’ knowledge, look to use our training in any location, on your schedule, using topics you want to have addressed.

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