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Now is the time to enroll in our 5 day course designed to prepare you for becoming a Certified Treasury Professional


Benefits of a CTP certification include higher salaries, greater job security and improved marketability. The course is recognized by and developed in cooperation with the AFP.

The Certified Treasury Professional® (CTP) serves as the standard of professional competency in the field of treasury management and is recognized as the foremost credentialing in global Treasury knowledge.

Who Should Participate?

The course is for those interested in expanding their corporate treasury management knowledge and skills. Participants include treasury, finance, accounting, IT, banking professionals and consultants who are seeking a comprehensive knowledge of treasury management. Financial service providers who develop and implement products and services  for use by corporate finance organizations will also benefit from the CTP preparation course.

Course Summary

This 5 day interactive course is built from the official Association for Financial Professionals® (AFP) CTP body of knowledge on which the CTP exam is based. It blends printed text with interactive online components. Participants in this course will receive a copy of the AFP Treasury Learning System Version 4, the CTP exam format, and study hints for test taking and test preparation. The course instruction covers major concepts and practical terms with examples covering over 50 calculations used daily in treasury activity. Each chapter reviewed is from the AFP’s Essentials of Treasury Management, 4rd Edition, which is the comprehensive body of knowledge for the treasury profession. The course will focus on:

1. Introduction to Treasury Management
2. The Treasury Management Environment
3. Working Capital Management

4. Risk Management
5. Financial Management