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Course covers

This 3 day training course introduces participants to the key elements of the world’s financial markets. We will look at the major products traded in international markets, who uses them, and where and how they trade. Participants will gain a structured and comprehensive understanding of the workings of the major global financial markets and the most important international asset classes.

In addition to covering key terms and concepts associated with the different products, we will use practice calculations, formulas, trading techniques and other market conventions in order to gain a greater understanding of  the international financial markets.

Topics and Content

  • Overview of world’s financial markets
    – key characteristics of main asset classes
    – location, participants and characteristics of trading different asset classes
  • Money markets
    – short term borrowing and lending, and main instruments available
  • Fixed Income / Bonds
    – essential bond math: time value of money, interest rates and duration
    – different bond markets: sovereign, corporate, high yield
    – raising debt and credit ratings
  • Foreign exchange fundamentals
    – currency swaps, forwards and options
    – different exchange rate regimes
  • Equity markets
    – different types of equity and valuation techniques
    – investing in stock indices
  • Commodities
    – characteristics of different commodity markets: metals, oil, agricultural.

Course objectives

The purpose of the course is to give participants:

  • An understanding of the nature of international financial markets and the different products that trade.
  • The ability to evaluate the different products and understand the characteristics of the major asset classes.

Who should attend?

Benefit to a wide range of job functions and areas; anyone who would benefit from an increased understanding of markets, participants and products – and how they all come together.

The course is tailored so that it would be relevant to both recent recruits to the business world with a limited background in international finance as well as more experienced staff with new responsibilities in finance or capital markets.