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Practitioners Training Practitioners

Treasury’s world is growing increasingly more complex. Never has it been more important for companies to train staff on how to globally control cash, working capital and risk.

In-House Training Makes A Difference

Ledgewood’s in-house training offers custom courses tailored to your organization, focusing on specific topics while remaining flexible in scheduling. Our in-house training provides the ultimate learning environment enabling your staff to discuss and ask questions in confidentiality.

Key Benefits

Cost Effective
Saves time. Saves money. Competitive pricing.

Courses are designed around client schedules and specific topics. You tell us your organization’s challenges and we will tailor a course that meets your needs.

Relevant and Practical
Courses focus on current market practice techniques for effective treasury management.

Experienced Trainer
Trainers leverage their extensive practical experience combined with their consulting knowledge that truly makes a difference. Their inter-personal skills enable them to convey leading treasury knowledge with clarity and simplicity.

Your staff can discuss and ask questions with confidentiality.

We travel to your location, including Africa, Asia-Pacific, and Europe.


“[Ledgewood’s trainer] is a thought leader in the management of global treasury operations. I always pick up practical ideas to apply in my own shop.”

-Director of Treasury, ILFC EMEA