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Course covers

This 3 day training course provides participants with leading edge knowledge of the global technology required to transform global treasury management into an operation that operates with better control and efficiency at a lowered cost. By using case studies, computer simulations, and working examples participants will gain a better understanding of the use of treasury technology within their organization in order to execute daily operations.

Topics and Content

  • Treasury Organization Models
    – How to improve global controls
  • Treasury Technology
    – Treasury Systems
    – Treasury Portals
    – ERP Systems
    – SWIFT for Corporates
    – From justification to RFP to implementation
  • Changing Landscape
    – CLS
    – SEPA
    – eBAM
  • Technology for
    – Cash Management
    – Cash Forecasting
    – In-House Bank
    – Cash Pooling
    – Multi-lateral Netting
    – Working Capital

Course objectives

The purpose of the course is to give participants:

  • An understanding of leading edge technology used in the management of global cash optimization, working capital and enterprise risk management.

Who should attend?

This course will be of benefit to a wide range of job functions and areas within accounting, finance or treasury.  Attendees will benefit from an increased understanding of the available current technology for running a global treasury operation. The course is tailored so that it is relevant to both finance professionals as well as commercial bank staff involved in cash and treasury solutions for corporate customers.