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Course covers

This 3 day training course introduces participants to the key fundamentals of working capital and cash forecasting and how to integrate cash flow forecasting in order to improve the organization’s balance sheet and asset allocation. We will provide financial professionals, as well as, commercial bankers in treasury sales, product development, internal operations and marketing, best practice tools and techniques required to transform global process into a best class structure that operates with better control and efficiency at a lowered cost.

Topics and Content

  • Treasury Organization Models
    – How to improve global controls
  • Technology for Working Capital Managment
    – What ERP system can and cannot do
  • Global Liquidity Management
    – How to find the optimal solution
    – Physical vs. notional pooling
    – In-house bank and multi-lateral netting
  • Working Capital Management
    – Understanding the strategic role working capital plays in the firm
    – Conversion of working capital into cash flow
    – Drivers of the cash conversion cycle
  • Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and Inventory
    – Identifying opportunities for improved results
    – Important metrics and ratios
    – Tools and techniques that can favorably influence
  • Cash Forecasting
    – Direct vs. Indirect models
    – Key cash flow drivers
    – Building a forecast model
  • Cash Flow Budget
    – How to develop a budget and financial plan

Course objectives

The purpose of the course is to give participants:

  • Understanding of how to effectively manage and measure the performance of treasury through proper management of cash, investments and debt.
  • Ability to Increase shareholder value by operating with better control and improved efficiency.

Who should attend?

This course will be of benefit to a wide range of job functions and areas within accounting, finance or treasury; anyone who would benefit from an increased understanding of global treasury operations. The course is tailored so that it is relevant to both finance professionals as well as commercial bank staff who are involved in cash and treasury solutions for corporate customers.